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Lipo Kit

The Lipo Sculpting Wrap Kit is a pain free inch loss treatment. It reduces unwanted fat from targeted areas of the body.

Body Fondant

Collagen and Kelp Body Fondant helps to break the cycle of skin dryness & dehydration. Great if you suffer with dry skin.

Skin, Hair, Weight…

Whether you are looking to look after your skin, hair, weight or enjoy the makeup range Acti-Labs have a full product range to suit your lifestyle.

Created in France their research has shown their products to be as good as high end products but at a fraction of the cost.

I use their weight loss and skin care products and started promoting them after people made comments about how great my skin looks. Their weight loss products have played a part in helping me regain my health.

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About Me

I became an Acti-Labs Ambassador because I wanted 20% off their products! Then I discovered how great they were and recommending them became easy.

I admit it – I joined as an Ambassador to enoy the discount. The more you sell, the bigger the discount. As I love Acti-Labs Products it made sense to me at the time.

I still work and I use the internet to earn an income as well. I used to have six figure income dreams but now I just want to enjoy experiences and have fun. Live within my means and enjoy great health.

52 Years Old

I am always told I look young for my age, especially since using the Acti-Labs skincare range.

Mother of Three

My children are all grown now and I live in the West Midlands where I work part-time and earn an income using the internet.

Love Travel

Since 2017 I have enjoyed travelling and plan to travel to at least one new place every year.


I have been over weight for a long time. I have also lost & regained weight. Since 2014 I have been changing my lifestyle.