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I have decided to promote Acti-Labs Products because I believe in their commitment to advance the science of natural skincare. Their bioactive products are blended in a way that helps to achieve and maintain the ideal skin balance. Plus, they do a wicked range for older skin using collagen that is getting amazing results.

Popular Products

Acti-Labs products are not tested on animals (although they are not a vegan brand) and whenever possible they opt for natural products over synthetics. They have a large range of products that sell well and three I find my customers love include


Preservative free hydra-slim is used as an aid to weight-loss.

Day Cream

Collagen day cream helps to hydrate and strengthen our skin

Tooth Cream

Fights bacteria and helps to maintain a healthy mouth.

Business Opportunity

Become an Acti-Labs Ambassador and enjoy the opportunity to earn extra money for yourself and/or your family. Earn up to 30% commissions on sales. Choose to niche and sell makeup, healthcare, skincare or hair care if you have a passion for one of them. There are a host of opportunities and a large range of product.

Lifestyle Brand

Acti-Labs have products to suit an entire lifestyle.

Looking to lose weight? Check out Hydra-Slim. Simply add it to your weight and sip it all day. If you want to improve the texture of your skin Acti-Labs have salon quality products that get results.

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